Few would argue that we live in a critical period in human history – the challenges we face globally are unprecedented with several cultural shifts challenging the role and the identity of men in society and culture. As men seek to understand what it means to be a modern man, and to find meaning and place, issues like sexual harassment, school shootings and extremism are on the rise.


It is in this context that The Men’s Initiative was created – to mobilize men to be a generative force for good in a rapidly changing world. And while the Men’s Initiative will help individual men to find meaning and purpose in their lives, the larger goal of the Initiative is to catalyze a worldwide conversation that redefines what it means to be a “Good Man” in a modern world.


The Initiative — based at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada —  is currently conducting leading edge transitional work with men and male-dominated cultures, including veterans, the protective services and major corporations; and researching the experience of professional athletes in transition. We plan to accelerate this effort by working with men who have influence, both as role models and in direct leadership roles.

As the next stage of its work, The Men’s Initiative is now convening the sports industry in Northern America around its “Good Men in Sport” campaign to inspire male athletes across the region to become better men. This campaign is built on three pillars:


Facilitate a conversation around relevant issues.


Establish new benchmarks to redefine what it means to be a good man.


Directly engage targeted groups of male athletes – and their families–to help them become better men while serving as positive role models.

The “Good Men in Sport” campaign kicks off with a Design Sprint in June 2018 to which stakeholders from across the sports ecosystem will be invited to join The Men’s Initiative in co-designing the campaign and in collaborating to build a new model for good men. The Men’s Initiative plans to launch the “Good Men in Sport” campaign across North America in Q1 2019.

Good Men in Sport Design Sprint

June 2018

The Men’s Initiative is convening stakeholder representatives from a broad cross section of the pro-sports and college sports sector – athletes, teams, leagues, coaches, sponsors, community organizations, sponsors, subject matter experts and influencers – to kick-start the conversation around what it takes to be a “Good Man” in a modern world and contribute towards the co-design of the Good Men in Sport campaign.
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